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WasteLESS week


Welcome to WasteLESS week 17th – 23rd October ....so what is WasteLESS Week?
WasteLESS Week is a five day annual event, championed by Sodexo , which encourages engagement between our local sites, font line teams and our local clients. It celebrates the fact that less waste means more quality of life.

Why is Sodexo doing it?
■ We want to celebrate the hard work our sites and our clients have done to reduce waste.

This year we are highlighting areas where we have already reduced our carbon footprint within Cyprus, and we are also undertaking the following local activities which, if successful could generate further improvements on wasting less:

• AyNik – the Sodexo team will be utilising pedal power as opposed to four wheels, whilst travelling around site
• Aki – the Sodexo cleaning team will be supported by a cleaning fluid produced on site (via Electrochemical activation) from water and salt 
• Dkl & Epi – the Sodexo team will be reviewing their local unit requirements on waste. It is hoped that this activity will highlight the potential for repurposing some of the general refuse Eurobins into recycling Euro bins

Achievements! Here are some key areas where we have reduced our footprint or assisted in wasting less:

• Costcutter stores – 19% annual reduction on electricity usage (485,000 kWh saved)
• Leisure facilities – 14% annual reduction on electricity usage (119,000 kWh saved)
• BFC Recycling – increased from 1% (pre contract) to 16% at current day levels