Welcome to the Sodexo Logistic Support Unit (SLSU), a vital part of the Sodexo Cyprus operation which supports your Service Families Accommodation (SFA). Upon your arrival an individual Accommodation Stores Assistant (ASA) will be allocated to you and he/she will be in attendance at your Move-in to go through your inventory, will support you throughout your tour and will also assist you before you leave. We can also arrange on request a comprehensive Get-u-In pack containing a range of household items to support you whilst your own effects are in transit.
We provide a range of services including the provision of your hard stick furniture, your carpets/curtains and vacuum cleaners; we also provide portable gas fires and electric heating appliances which are checked annually by our staff. For those houses with chimneys, an annual chimney sweeping programme is carried out by one of our subcontractors. Sodexo also operates Accommodation Exchange Stores (SFAES) for your convenience. The SFAES allow the exchange of small items such as chairs, broken items from Get-you-in-Packs, heaters and vacuum cleaners. Contact our Supply Point Managers: